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School Yearbook Video


Children grow so fast, and the time spent in school is a big part of their lives, as they learn about life and make lasting friends.  These memories can be captured in a school yearbook montage.  Whether you child is in preschool, grade school, middle school, or high school, a yearbook can be created for your child.  This is a moving montage with pictures and video clips taken throughout the year with stirring music, that tells the story of that year of your child’s life.

Schools can use these videos to promote their school, or to use in special functions like on homecoming week.  They are also a great to keep in the school library for future students to look back on past years of the school-or maybe even students they knew that have since graduated.

Collecting pictures/video

Preschool, Grammar School and Middle School: Yearbook Montage can be produced every year. Schools should utilize a "Media Bin" for the purpose of collecting photos, music and videos that students, parents and teachers contribute throughout the year. These are copies of pictures or video that chaperones have taken while helping with a classroom party or while attending a field trip. A volunteer parent or teacher committee can make the final determination of which pictures, music and videos will actually be in the final production of the Yearbook Montage. This helps to guarantee that every single child is represented and no single child is overly represented.

High School: High schools can collect their photos, music and videos in the yearbook staff room. These photos and videos are usually compiled from students and staff. The Yearbook Montage is a wonderful way to include all the pictures students had to edit out of their printed yearbook due to lack of space. By encouraging the student body to submit their personal photos, music and videos to the "Media Bin", you are encouraging your students to be involved in a Yearbook Montage that they are sure to purchase and enjoy for years to come.

Every school has a need for strong fundraising products. Why not provide something the student’s want? Students will enjoy viewing the DVD Yearbook this year and will cherish it 20 years from now. This video’s can even be played at 5, 10, 20th or 30th reunion. Schools can raise money each year by offering DVD yearbooks to their students

What formats do we accept?
We accept hard copy photos, Photos on CD. If you scan all your pictures yourself, there is a 10% discount off your package. Videos: We accept MP4, Windows Media, VHS, Hi8, DVD and Mini-DV. Divide pictures into sections. Number pictures in that section in order of how you want to appear with a posted note. If you are scanning them yourself, number pictures as follows- file for each section-File-First section- click on file-JPG files 001.jpg, 002,jpg, etc… Take sheet of paper for each section and write instructions for where video clips will be inserted. With hard copies of pictures put in Ziploc  bags and number bags in order. Stick instruction sheet for video clips and titles for that section. Please avoid writing directly on the back of photos as this transfers onto the photos beneath it and can sometimes show up on the scanner. Music will be identified using the name of the song. Four seconds viewing per photo is typical, so this will give you an idea of how many photos you can collect.

The most popular format for a Yearbook Montage is the chronological layout. This highlights the school year from the first month of school through the end of the year. Another popular format is the theme format. If you choose to use this format, a committee determines a theme for each chapter. Examples would be: such as First Day, Cultural Events, Friends, Trips, Special Events, Academics, Sports, Plays, Band, Extra-Curricular Activities, Student Body, etc. The menus can be similar to the table of contents found in traditional yearbooks, however, the committee can organize it any way they choose.



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