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 Creating The Movies of Your Life

The comments in this video are actual comments from our clients

Pictures, those printed or digital images that capture a special moment of your life or the life of someone you love. Pictures can tell our stories, they can capture our memories; they keep someone alive in our memory forever. With the addition of film or video clips we can add movement and the sounds of that moment. Now your wedding day, your baby's first steps, your child’s school play, are caught for all time for you to live over and over again.  Tears of Joy Video takes all those special moments you have captured and creates ways for you to share and keep those memories safe forever. Below is a list of our services.

Photo Montage or Slideshow

The Tears of Joy Video ethic demands we view each project we create as a custom, one of a kind, creation. We do not use "cookie cutter" music, transitions, or formats. We take time to listen to our clients to get to know their story and their vision. Then we set to work to create your custom montage or biography video that will move your audience to "tears of joy"!

Sample Montages

See some samples of our videos we have created for past clients in our screening room.

Montage Ideas

Montages for every occasion

Biography and Autobiography Videos

Adding interviews to tell your story

Personally Crafted Photo Books

Creating your story in printed form with your photos and memories

Archiving You Memories

Scanning your pictures, slides, negitative and documents to digital. Transferring your video tape to digital. Transfering your family films to digital. Video editing. Transferring your audio to digital.


Portraits of your family and your pets in the San Diego area.

Celebration of Life Packages

Memorial: Videos, Guest books, Programs, Websites and Picture Poster Boards

Digital Baby Books

Post memories as they happen, then on your babies first birthday get a baby digital book and video of those memories.

Digital Year Books

Post memories as they happen and the end of year get a family digital year book and video






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