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Baby books have been around since cameras have become commonplace in homes, somewhere around the 1930’s to 1950’s. Baby books were a way to keep pictures along with a written record of their baby’s progress as they grew.


Fast forward to the 21st century, baby books are still around, but moms find it almost impossible to put them together. Today most moms’ work, but even those that don’t are so busy with our fast pace of life. Add to that, many people no longer print out their pictures. Most pictures of their baby are on their computer, in their camera’s or on their phone.


Maybe you are one of the many moms who had good intentions to creating a baby book for your child, but months have gone by and nothing was done. You may have even forgotten dates like when your baby first smiled, or when they first took a step. You could have caught them on camera, but that picture or video is still on your phone.


Tears of Joy Video has now made it easier for you to record your baby’s progress.  We have created a program where you can send us daily, weekly or monthly your babies written updates, pictures and video clips, and we organize them for you and create a printed baby book and/or video of your baby. We give you a link to watch the progress of your baby video or view your baby book each month online. At the end of the year we send you a printed book and/or DVD of your baby as a lasting keepsake for your family.



Is your baby already over a year old? Then see our Babies First Year Package


Do you have a number of children? You might consider doing a Family Digital Year Video and Book


We will provide you with a way to upload your pictures and video clips directly from your phone or computer. Email us stories or captions to go in your book or video. Send us your memories as they happen and let us create a lasting record of your memories.


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See our pricing below.

 Video Baby Book


Set up fee of $20 to create private link to upload and watch your video online. Set up fee includes your first entry.


Each of the following is one entry. Each entry is $6.00

  1. Three digital pictures 
  2. Two Captions or title pages 
  3. One two-minute video clip (if the video is longer we can edit it down to 2 minutes) 

Each month we will count the amount of entries you made and email you an invoice that can be paid with a credit card or debit card.

If you have as least 4 minutes of video or 12 pictures or a combination of both, we can create a section for your video each month.  Each section comes with one free song of your choice. Any changes can be made at your request after viewing sections. At the end of 12 months we will combine all sections and put your video to DVD. Your first DVD is free. Extra copies are $15.00.



Digital Printed Book


Set up fee of $40 to create book and private link to upload view your photo book. Set up fee includes your first entry. If you are getting both a book and video set up fee is combined, so you only have to pay $40 for both. However combined book and video only includes one entry for either book or video.


Each side of the page is considered one entry. Each entry is $6.00


Book will be printed in 8.5" x 11' hardcover book with dust cover.


Pages can have:


One picture and a short story

One picture and a caption

Up to 12 pictures each with a caption

A picture collage (up to 20 pictures) with one caption.


If the pictures are of an event you may want to include the place, the type of event and the date of the event.


Each month we will count the amount of entries you made and email you an invoice that can be paid with a credit card or debit card.


Pages will appear on your viewing page each time it is updated. Any changes can be made after viewing book updates. Printed copies of the book must have at least 20 pages(each side of page considered a page). At 12 months or 20 pages we can print out your book and send you a copy. We will notify you at the time the cost of extra copies if you need more than one.






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