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Get Well Video Card

Creating a get well video greeting card

What is a Get Well Video card?  It is a card made with pictures, video messages, titles and music.  It is a perfect way to cheer up someone stuck in bed.  See example below.  We have a package where you can upload to our site 10 or more pictures and video clips. These can be pictures or video taken with digital cameras or your smart phone.  Then we create your digital get well card and send it back by email for you to download to your computer.  This can be placed on digital devices, like tablets, laptop computers, phones or digital frames for them to watch over and over again while they are in the hospital.  See our package details and order your digital get well card today.  Click HERE NOW 


Years ago, when my dad was in his final months of life, he lived in his bed.  We wanted to make him feel apart of life again, so we started to make him video greeting cards.

We set up a phone line to record on to our computer, and then had all his friends call and record a message to my dad.    Then we had them email us 5 to 10 pictures of themselves and we made him a greeting card with the pictures on the screen and the message behind them.    He watched this video over and over again.    What was nice is friends he hadn’t seen in years who had moved far away were able to participate in this card, so he was reconnecting with old friends.  See an edited down version of this video below.







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